Ruggieri di Agerola was a notorious bandit who acted in these areas and was hiding in woods and in secret caves, and of which Boccaccio writes about in the tenth story in the fourth day of the Decameron. It seems that this bandit also took refuge in the beautiful fjord of Furore.

It can be really funny to explore the natural caves and the environment in which for centuries brigandage has proliferated in Campania and South Italy.

The walking route can start from the square 'Generale Avitabile' in Agerola, specifically in the hamlet of San Lazzaro, and lasts about three hours with a vertical drop of 500 meters, both uphill and downhill. The first place that we will cross is Pendola while walking on a very old trail, and continuing then on via Paipo: an old stone stairway. From here on, along the way you can admire the typical the terraces of the Amalfi Coast with its crops, and we will walk through beautiful forests of chestnut and alder. Our goal is first of all the Monte Tre Calli, to reach at the end the heights of Capo Muro. From here we can chose between two routes: the most popular is in direction of Monte Sant'Angelo until up to one of its three peaks ‘Tre Pizzi’. Of these, less demanding is the trek towards Monte Catiello, from which it is then possible to continue towards Bomerano passing through the place ‘Madonna del Silenzio’.

And here, just sit down to rest a while and enjoy the view of Positano and Capri! And please ... use your camera! To capture this special moment ...