The Mount Stella, which was originally called 'Monte Cilento', is considered the geographical and spiritual heart of the "ancient Cilento", in fact many urban settlements of ancient origin arise around it: it is possible to make interesting walking tours to Pantano, Ogliastro, Valle Cilento, Sessa Cilento, San Mango.

Further south and towards east the Mount Gelbison rises high, which is also called Monte Sacro, covered by the thick dark forests up to the summit (1,705 m). On the top of Mount Gelbison, we can admire the Sanctuary of Maria SS. Sacro Monte, a destination for many pilgrims. The Mount Stella houses the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella. In ancient times this mountain acted as a lookout between the ancient Greek cities Poseidonia (Paestum) and Elea (Velia).

This walking route starts from the pic-nic area 'Acqua del Ceraso' 2 km away from San Mauro Cilento. On it we will proceed through a chestnut forest in the direction of the 'Area del Ciliegio' to cross the valley called 'Vallone Cupo' through an abandoned wooden bridge, where we can admire a beautiful waterfall. At this point we encounter wooden steps towards Castelluccio, and always waking through chestnut woods we reach Castelluccio finally. Soon along this shaded trekking path a stunning view of Capo Palinuro appears at our eyes. Here we are halfway before reaching the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella and along the way we pass along beautiful rocky formations, such as the stone of 'mulacchia', as well as several picnic areas.

Another interesting trekking itinerary is the Fiumara - on the slopes of Mount Stella, a stream that crosses a small valley at the foot of the northern slope of Mount Stella before merging in the Alento river. The route starts from Valle Cilento, also called "molendinorum", a village built in the twelfth century and so named for the presence of numerous water mills, as well as 17 mills were discvered in this area, mainly located along the stream Sorrentino.
The ease of the trails does not require special equipment or facilities, but we recommend to wear long trousers and a pair of comfortable shoes suitable for traekking or walking in the mountains. Do not forget your camera! Nor water, sunscreen and a hat, of course.