Mount Cervati is 1899 m high and is located in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano: partly located in the municipality of Sanza and Piaggine. It houses a rich flora consisting of beech, maple, oak, alder, holly and there are many animals such as frogs, salamander, wolves, wild cats, the black kite, the kite, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, etc.. At 1852 m you will find the Sanctuary ‘Madonna della Neve' (dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow), which attracts many pilgrims every year. Various are the paths which lead to the summit of Mount Cervati: the AVCA path called Alta Via del Cervati e degli Alburni, the historic trail to the Sanctuary, or a dirt road running from Sanza to the Chapel of the sanctuary.
Another route is the one that begins and ends at, Piaggine. It' s a rather difficult walking tour, drawn with white-red color, which lasts from 5 to 6 hours with a drop of approx. 750 m, and takes place in a circle along the following steps: Fontana di Caciocavallo, where you can have a picnic area and clean water, Fontana degli Zingari at 1552 meters above sea level, and proceeding to the refuge of Mount Cervati (1597 m). After a short break we continue towards the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte Cervati or della Neve (1890 m), behind which you can admire a beautiful lawn, commonly called the Giardino della Madonna (Garden of Our Lady). A quick glance at the Grotto of Our Lady and then continue to the area called Nevara (1785 m) towards Sanza, so called because the snow never melts. Here you can enjoy a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains: Mount Bulgheria, Monte Scuro Mount Gelbison and Mount Stella. After passing the Nevara you will return in about one hour and a half to the starting point, and along this stretch you can enjoy a stunning view over the River Calore Valley.