This walking route connects the Gulf of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno. It runs from Santa Maria del Castello, in Vico Equense, crossing the town Montepertuso, walking towards Positano to admire there the Vallone Porto, a natural oasis where the peregrine falcon nests, and where in the past Frederick II captured hawks to be trained for hunting. The Vallone Porto was added to the sites of Community interest (Sic area) and is located in area subject to landscape and environmental constraints. On the beach of Arienzo at the entrance to the Valley there still is an ancient water mill powered by the river Porto, from which this valley takes its name, which ends right here.

This walking tour will allow you to see up close many typical Mediterranean plants and trees of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coasts, such as broom, myrtle, valerian, woodruff, hypericum, rosemary, thistles, oaks, alders, the carob trees and many other species, and while walking along the path breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast opens up to you.

You will enjoy a special view of Positano, Montepertuso, Nocelle and Vettica Maggiore. The entire route is of medium difficulty with a duration of about 3 ½ hours with a vertical drop of 200 m in height and about 650 m downhill. From Monterpertuso we will then go to Positano and the Vallone Porto, a still unspoiled canyon with a rich flora and fauna, thanks to the presence of some small waterfalls.

Because of its natural and climatic characteristics, and the presence of the small spectacled salamander, this valley is compared to the ‘Valle delle Ferriere' of Amalfi ... anyway, a real fairytale landscape made of waterfalls, vines, ferns and rare species of fauna.

Depending on the season we recommend light and comfortable clothing, hiking shoes, jacket and / or hats + sun cream .