The trekking routes in the Campania region are quite varied, combining mountains, sea and rivers. Depending on the location, the difficulty, the graduation and, of course, the season, you should dress appropriately. The right clothing? Comfortable, of course! Possibly long pants and comfortable shoes suitable for walking in the mountains, but never forget your camera or binoculars! Bring also a bit of tolerance, common sense, the ability to adapt ... and follow please the guide's recommendations.

In general, we recommend:

to wear comfortable and lightweight clothing: no bright colors please
depending on season, to dress in layers, so you can adjust the temperature of your body, or by removing or adding a piece
to prefer long pants
to give great importance to shoes, to ensure comfort and balance, to choose appropriate shoes that support the ankles, and with a sole suitable for walking on gravel or crushed stone, even in the rain or crossing streams, if necessary
to choose the right socks, so as to avoid blisters or sores
to organize preferably with a backpack in which to put the bare essentials: avoid unnecessarily weight
to reduce noise pollution
to NOT damage the flora
to NOT disturb and/or capture animals or insects
to NOT remove fossils
to NOT forget litter

What to bring with you? Depending on the locations and seasons:

a water-bottle (full of water already at the departure)
a camera
a pair of binoculars
a hat for sun or a cap
sunscreen and sunglasses
personnel First Aid kit
paper towels and / or wet wipes
a lanyard, a lighter, a multipurpose boxcutter

Have fun!