The River Calore Valley in National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is an extraordinary natural heritage. The Calore River forms on its way from Mount Cervati down towards the sea five spectacular valleys, but the main one is located in the area between Felitto and Magliano, a few miles from the town of Castelcivita and its grotto which is 4,800 meters long with a depth of 52 meters. Here for trekkers the path is pretty easy and lasts approximately 6 hours, with departure from Felitto until you reach, at the exit from the valley, the suggestive old medieval stone arch bridge near Magliano. For many centuries, this bridge allowed the pedestrian link between the ancient towns of Felitto and Magliano.

Shows of incomparable beauty along the way to see: the wilderness and unspoiled vegetation form a rare natural scenery full of colors and scents, with the thundering noise of water in the background. We are in the "kingdom" of the otter, which lives here undisturbed, free and protected. The rich undergrowth of shrubs recalled almost a tropical forest. Along the way they meet the leaves of ivy, laurel and large trunks of ash and hornbeam.

Starting from Felitto we have two possibilities to reach the River Calore Valley: For walking lovers one path is to follow the signs to Laurino for 1 km then turn in direction of locality Remolino to arrive, after about one km, on the banks of the Calore River. From here you go downhill to a valley where you will see the river disappear. In Remolino (at 182 m) the river gives life to a small natural lake. Along the Calore River you can go to the right along a path leading after 30 minutes approx. to a bifurcation: on the right you can go to the Natural Bridge "Pretatetta" and reach the other shore. Staying on this side you can go, past the natural bridge, in the direction of Magliano, reaching after ca. one and a half hour of trekking the medieval bridge mentioned above. The other way to the Calore river is to go to Piazza Mercato in Felitto and to follow the signs for ‘Gole del Calore' until you reach a staircase that leads you directly there.