The Bay of Infreschi, or Port, is a beautiful natural harbor with crystal clear waters located in the extreme south of the Gulf of Policastro, in Cilento. It owes its name to the nearby fresh waters flowing into the sea. In the past, fishermen used the caves to keep cool the fish.
Here nature is still unspoilt and it is a protected marine area. The white sand beach is dominated by rocky cliffs and the sea has shades from turquoise to emerald with sandy bottoms and sloping, ideal for snorkeling. Here you will trek and hike in the Mediterranean bush among gorse, rosemary, carob trees and prickly pears.

The trekking route from Marina di Camerota to the Bay of Infreschi offers spectacular views on this coast of Cilento and Vallo di Diano national Park. We recommend starting from the picturesque beach of Lentiscelle: from the heights of this trekking route behind the Mount Luna and along the Mount Serra and Valamonte Valley, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Cala Fortuna and Cala Bianca beaches, which are accessible only by sea.
The route can be done in about three and a half hours and do not forget water, sunscreen and hat, as well as comfortable shoes.