Those who love nature and well-being must visit the valley where the Sele river flows and surmounted by the imposing profile of the Alburni mountains. Three natural reserves, (Oasi Naturalistica di Senerchia, Oasi del Polveracchio, Oasi di serre-Persano), the spa facilities of Contursi Terme where you can relax after a long hike, large wooded areas where walking is pleasant, challenging peaks for the more experienced, suggestive caves, the archaeological areas of Paestum and Volcei, villages that still preserve the ancient atmospheres, artistic assets of great interest and rivers where to go rafting or enjoy the river beaches. All this and much more offers one of the lesser known areas of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano parks.


Sele Valley

The Sele river valley offers many attractions thanks to the naturalistic oases, to the river   uncontaminated, to the many springs and thermal establishments present in the territory of Contursi Terme. The villa Ayala, in the municipality of Valva, is an example of an ancient noble residence with a wonderful garden and park. Lovers of ancient history can not fail to appreciate the museums of Oliveto Citra and nearby Volcei or the excavations of Paestum. For more information:


I Monti Alburni

The imposing mountains of Alburni are dominated by the Alburno or Panormo mountains (1742 m.), The Scanni (1413 m.), The Figliolo (1337 m.), The mountain of naked (1704 m.), The mountain of the Ausino (1445 m.), The hill Medoro (1482 m.), The mount Pizzuto (1403 m.)
The entire area of the mountain community of Alburni has a considerable wooded area of 11,747 ha or 6.7% of the entire forest area of Campania.


A typical characteristic of the Alburni is the strong incidence of the karstic phenomena that gave rise to the surface of dolines, erosion furrows, crevasses and valleys and in the bowels of the massif with gorges, sinkholes, springs, wells and especially the famous caves including those of Castelcivita and Pertosa (Go to -->)



Varco Medoro, a path for experts.